You Have Three Seconds, Impress Me

You have 3 seconds to impress a client with your website.  Did you catch them?

We spoke earlier about website optimization, specifically about preparing a website to be read by search engine spiders and sorted in your favor when people look for whatever product or service you offer.

Recently I was critiquing someone’s website for a business they were just starting up.  It was clean and dramatic and I liked it, but the first thing you see on the crisp white center of the site is “HOME”.  That title is your first second and it says nothing about your company or service!  How about “Breath Life Into Your Ideas” (it’s a concept drafting company).   Admittedly not the best most catchy idea.  There are probably better ones, but it’s still a drastic improvement over “HOME”.

Keep this in mind on your website, email and everything in between.  We have an increasingly impatient skim-reading, throw away, hit the delete button society.  Grab them fast!

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