Your Unique Selling Point

Every company needs to have a unique selling point.  What are NOT selling points?

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Value

Every company will say they have the best price, a wonderful value for high quality products or services. Everyone seems willing to grab on price and race teach other into bankruptcy. However, there is a better way to survive, even thrive: create one or more unique selling points.

A unique selling point is something you are doing that none of your competitors are. Bonus points if it’s something your customers wish your competitors did. A unique selling point might be like this:

Say I’m going to start a daycare. I’m experienced in running a daycare and I know how to do it well so I’m offering a high quality service. There are over 200 daycares in my city, how will I convince people to pick me over their current daycare?

Idea One: Nutrition
Say I’d been to school as a chef or a nutritionist or just knew how to cook very well and could find a place to certify me in specialized cooking. I could then target parents who want their kids to eat healthy snacks / lunches or parents with kids who have special dietary needs like food allergies. My unique selling point would be making homemade nutritional food for kids rather than the frozen / processed food most daycares offer.

Idea Two: Laundry
Why not add a laundry service to the daycare? Not only are you probably already having to do some laundry because kids tend to get messy, but it would save parents some stress if they could unload their laundry when they unload their kids and come back to pick up folded clean pressed laundry and happy kids without an extra errand or two.

Idea Three: Teaching Something Special
My niece goes to a daycare that teaches little kids as young as a year old how to speak in sign language. She’s learning it too! So she has an extra way of communicating a need or want to the adults through body language. It’s amazing and us adults are learning a little sign language too just to keep up with her.

There are hundreds of ways to make a daycare have a unique selling point. There are hundreds of ways to make YOUR business unique. Don’t sell yourself short. Your marketing is useless if there’s no reason people would choose you over your competition.

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